Property & Conveyancing

Our conveyancing and property lawyers in Bendigo believe that clarity before commitment is essential for any property transaction. Supporting you to understand contracts, issues to be aware of, and how to navigate them ensures that you know exactly what your opportunities, obligations or risks are.

The Reign Legal property team have more than three decades of experience in Conveyancing and Property Law and can support both Victorian and New South Wales conveyancing clients with exceptional expertise.

We manage property matters in metropolitan, regional and rural areas; relieving stress for first home buyers and providing extensive advice to experienced investors on the purchase or sale of residential and commercial properties, family transfers, subdivisions, developments and rural land dealings, with a specific focus on Agribusiness and Water Law.

Transparent and clear communications is essential to ensuring your property and conveyancing matter is finalised efficiently and on time.

Why do I need a Bendigo Conveyancer?

Bendigo conveyancing services are required if you are buying or selling residential property, to transfer the legal ownership (title) of real estate from one person (or legal entity, such as a company) to another.

Whilst the process sounds simple, there can be major financial risks within the property conveyance process. A highly experienced conveyancer is essential to ensure that you are not impacted by the significant financial penalties that can occur if you fail to meet specific deadlines, even accidentally. Each party should be advised by a professional to ensure they understand their rights and obligations under the contract of sale.

Reign Legal’s senior conveyancing team member Wendy Harford’s superpower is ensuring compliance and disclosure obligations are met when selling your property or delivering essential due diligence processes when buying; all whilst providing a seamless experience for our clients.

The Reign Legal team has the required e-conveyancing certification and are conversant with the online property platform now used for most settlements in Victoria, which are conducted electronically.

We support our clients though each step of this online process, ensuring secure and timely transfer of property ownership, without the risk of a paper title which can be lost or destroyed, and faster access to funds from the sale.

Property Law and Conveyancing Services

We recognise that often the purchase or sale of a property is a significant milestone in your life and may be the biggest transaction you have undertaken.

Buying or selling, we clearly explain your rights and obligations, how any cooling-off periods work, assist with due diligence, and provide our expertise to guide and protect you. We are here with you throughout the entire experience until the transaction has been completed.

A rural property transaction involves the acquisition or sale of a farm, acreage, or rural estate and can often present distinct considerations and complexities.

A farming transaction may involve both sale of land and structures, and other farming matters such as crops, livestock, plant, and equipment.

Water rights may also require consideration, with access rights clearly defined and processes included for their transfer. Reign Legal has extensive expertise in rural property and can effectively manage these highly involved transactions.

Businesses engaging in commercial property transactions require specialised legal guidance. Experienced in the acquisition or sale of office spaces, retail properties, industrial sites and other business types, our Commercial Team implements a custom approach that safeguards your interests, and ensures your commercial property dealing is not just legally sound but also aligns with your business objectives.

Sometimes interests in property are transferred without a standard sale/purchase transaction. This could be when an owner or co-owner of real estate dies, or when a relationship breaks down and the parties have reached a property settlement or court orders have been made.

Shares in property may also be transferred to protect assets or where property is gifted to children or other family members.

The transfer of property within a family requires careful legal consideration. We navigate duty implications and facilitate legally compliant property transfers between family members, separated couples or the establishment of trusts. Our focus is to safeguard and protect the interests of your family while ensuring legal compliance and clarity.

Subdividing and developing land is a complex process requiring consideration of many components, including legislation, regulations, planning policies, and various government authorities.

A subdivision involves dividing a parcel of land into two or more lots creating separate ‘titles’ for each that can be registered, transferred, and developed.

Whilst sub-division can be extremely attractive financially, the extensive process can also be a nightmare of challenges which requires an experienced team.

Reign Legal can liaise with authorities, prepare technical documentation, explain titling and legal concepts, and ensure you are empowered to understand what is happening at each step.

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