Business Law

Large and small businesses and organisations require legal guidance and support to ensure their operations are secure, compliant and ready to approach future challenges and opportunities.

We provide a comprehensive range of commercial and civil law services, including:

  • Advice and agreements for day to day business operations
  • Business contracts, company law
  • Employment advice and contacts
  • Business structure and succession
  • Debt collection, third-party agreements and guarantee advice
  • Business purchase and sale
  • Migration issues

Our tailored business law services in Bendigo empower informed decision-making that aligns with your long-term business goals. From a start-up venture to an established enterprise, our advice is strategic, proactive, and commercially focused.

Buying and selling a business involves diverse and often complex legal considerations that can vary vastly depending on business size and trade category. To safeguard your interests as you navigate through the complexities of due diligence, contract negotiation and the review of ancillary agreements such as commercial leases and service agreements, it is important to have your legal representative involved in each step of the process.

Together, your legal team, accountant and finance representative will work on the most appropriate structure and transaction process for the sale or purchase of the business.

Important considerations might include:

  • The structure and apportionment of the purchase price, accounting for goodwill, stock, plant, equipment, and inventory
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other taxes such as Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • The suitability of and transfer arrangements for ancillary agreements such as commercial leases and service contracts
  • Intellectual property including business names, trademarks, and domain names and provisions for transferring these assets to the new owner
  • Employment arrangements for existing employees, transfers, offers, redundancies, and calculation of leave and other entitlements
  • Restraint of trade and confidentiality provisions
  • Agreed training periods, representations, and warranties

Establishing the right business structure lays the foundation for a thriving enterprise. We can help with the formation of partnerships, companies, trusts, and other entities. Our services extend to drafting comprehensive service agreements, ensuring clarity and helping protect those parties involved. Each agreement is unique to the needs of our client’s business, mitigating potential disputes, and fostering connected business relationships.

Our commercial law team will always consider all possible variables when preparing commercial contracts, contemplating what could, and sometimes does, go wrong in a business transaction.

A well-drafted contract positively brings all parties together from the beginning of their relationship by providing clear terms that balance their rights and responsibilities, and provisions to cover a range of contingencies and to deal with unforeseen events.

We can draft your business contracts from the beginning or review and negotiate an existing agreement to flag issues and add provisions to protect your interests.

Effective debt collection is an integral part of maintaining a business’s financial health. Proactive strategies for debt recovery and guidance through the legal steps involved decrease stress and business vulnerability when reclaiming outstanding debts.

Critical to the effective recovery of a debt is the prevention of throwing good money after bad. This requires consideration of the debtor entity, the amount outstanding, whether the debt is disputed, and whether there is specific legislation relevant to recovering the type of debt owed. Our experience in the avenues and processes of debt recovery and will guide you when making a commercial decision as to when a claim should be pursued, enforced, settled, or avoided.

Our business law services include negotiations, drafting letters of demand, representing clients in legal proceedings, and providing efficient resolutions that safeguard your business relationships.

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