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What is family violence?

Family violence is any behaviour by a person towards a family member that is:

  • physically or sexually abusive
  • emotionally or psychologically abusive
  • economically abusive
  • threatening
  • coercive
  • in any other way controls or dominates the family member and causes that family member to feel fear for the safety or wellbeing of that family member or another person
  • Causes a child to hear or witness, or otherwise be exposed to the effects of, the above behaviour

Family Member includes:

  • A spouse or domestic partner, or former spouse or domestic partner
  • Intimate partners or former intimate partners, whether or not that relationship was sexual
  • Relatives
  • Children
  • Partner’s children
  • Any other person who might reasonably considered a family member, in the circumstances

Examples of family violence

Behaviour Examples
Physical violence
  • Hitting, punching, pushing, pulling, kicking, choking
Sexual violence
  • Pressuring someone into sexual acts; rape
  • Pressuring them to watch or join in pornography
Property damage
  • Breaking or damaging someone’s property or belongings, including jointly owned property or belongings
Economic abuse
  • Controlling someone’s money against their will
  • Forcing someone to pay or give money to others or taking your money
  • Stopping someone from working
  • Forcing or tricking someone to take on debts
  • Using dowry or family finance issues to control someone
Emotional, social or
psychological violence
  • Making someone feel that no one cares or will help them
  • Making someone fear their safety
  • Taunting someone about sexuality or gender identity
  • Sending abusive messages via phone, email or social media or monitoring what someone does online
  • Harming or killing pets
  • To harm people (including themselves), property, or pets
  • To take children away or to have them taken by others, such as immigration authorities or Child Protection Services
  • To disclose someone’s sexuality or gender identity
  • To post or send images held on a phone or device
  • To get someone deported
Coercing, controlling,
dominating or terrorising
  • Intimidating, bullying, frightening
  • Controlling where someone goes, what they wear or eat, when they sleep, who they can see
  • Stopping someone from seeing or speaking to others
  • Withholding mobility aids, disability equipment or medication
  • Forcing someone to marry without their consent

Reign Legal is dedicated to supporting people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence (women and men).

We help by providing one-off legal advice to those who are unable to afford private legal services on a one off or ongoing basis.  Services for one off service is provided via our clinic in the following areas of law:

  • Intervention Orders
  • Family Law Matters – Property Division
  • Family Law Matters – Children’s Issues

After making an appointment, you may be contacted by an assistant or administration support staff member who will ask some personal information and check our system to ensure our lawyers are able to assist you.

To make sure we can provide you with the best legal support, we will need you to:

  • where comfortable, provide all the information our staff asks you for. If you are not comfortable, our staff workers can talk to you about who you may be able to speak to or ways in which me may be able to support you feeling more comfortable providing the information
  • let us know if another lawyer has been helping you
  • make sure we have your updated contact details
  • contact us if you can’t keep an appointment or if you no longer need our assistance

Sometimes we will not be able to assist you in giving legal advice or opening an ongoing matter because of something called ‘conflict of interest’. Our legal team is required by law to avoid actual and perceived conflicts of interest between people seeking our assistance and former clients and Reign Legal staff.

This rule applies to all lawyers and legal services in Australia. If an actual or perceived conflict of interest arises, the Reign Legal Family Law Clinic may not be able to provide you with legal assistance.

If our legal team is unable to assist you, we will refer you to another service that can. We can also connect you with our community engagement team to find out other non-legal supports we can offer you.

Reign Legal recognises the importance of, and is committed to protecting and upholding, the privacy and rights of individuals Reign Legal deals with in relation to their personal information. All information collected during the course of clinic meetings and any notes made by our lawyers assisting you, are strictly confidential.